Why Come to Counselling

Through our lives, we experience a variety of life situations: from cycles of relative ease and well-being to times of great stress and difficulty. The cause of our difficulties may be known - a failed or failing relationship, bereavement, work - or unknown.
Our difficulties may be experienced as frustrations, agitation, pain, fear, lack of confidence, flatness, depression - and overall a reduced quality of enjoyment from life. We can fall into habitual ways of seeing, thinking and doing, losing touch with what is deepest in ourselves and the full extent of our possibilities. If we are not careful, these clouded moments can stretch out and become our lives.
Although most clients enter into a therapeutic relationship for reasons of difficulty, for some the motivation is simply the desire to grow in awareness, to become more true to oneself, to reawaken more spontaneity and aliveness.

Cost: $80 for a 1 hour session

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