What happens in a therapy session?

In the counselling session we will work with what is important for you and how you are feeling. I will introduce mindfulness tools so you will begin to see more clearly the causes of your suffering.  My intention is to listen mindfully and understand how you are right now, and to offer warmth, respect, acceptance, and sometimes supportive challenge.
The work varies with every client. My intention is to meet your uniqueness without judgement or a prescribed agenda, and support you in finding your own way of working. As therapist it is my role to reflect and facilitate awareness, as your companion and guide.
We will work together in the present moment to develop an awareness of body, feelings and mind, paying attention to breath, images, physical sensations and subtle energy.
Together we may explore life issues, past experiences, dreams and what is happening in the therapy relationship.
Our relationship helps to develop and deepen our awareness as a powerful resource for working with life's challenges. Awareness includes both the capacity to penetrate situations by focusing on their subtleties, and the ability to move back from states of mind or emotion so we can gain a clearer perception of what is happening.
Whatever can be brought into awareness enables a movement towards integration and greater wholeness: towards our inherent wellbeing, towards feeling more fully alive.

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